Graduate Experiential Learning Opportunities

Eller master's students (MBA and MIS), as well as graduate students from other UA health science colleges, may choose to enrich their experience in the health care industry through participation in field projects.

Recent health care-related field projects include:

Company Scope
Carondelet Health Network Part I – Developing  an excel based model to project the financial results (ROI, savings, patient outcomes) of instituting a diabetes chronic health care model across eleven medical practices in Tucson over a period of five years.
Carondelet Health Network Part II – Create a marketing plan to increase the number and Develop a chronic care model for delivering patient care by researching methods for maximizing patient compliance rates and minimizing patient attrition rates.
Carondelet Health Network Part III – Research and provide recommendations to improve diabetic patient heath through the use of wireless technologies to feed providers real-time information to measure vital statistics, such as blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight.  By identifying complications before they exacerbate, patients can avoid ER visits, improve their care and reduce costs.
Carondelet Health Network Gain a qualitative understanding of current and past associate sentiment about CHN as an employer through designing and conducting a survey.  Utilize survey data and best practice research to provide recommendations regarding hiring associates who have a “good fit” with the organization and how best to increase associate retention.
MRI Medical Healthcare Identifying key market drivers for the four product lines — bi-funnel, tri-funnel gastrostomy tubes, jejunostomy tubes, and low profile G-tubes — and providing a better understanding of the current market and product life cycle trends for the four product lines.
Northwest Medical Center Develop a data-driven business case for recommended surgical service lines and a major OR expansions.
Pediatric Feeding Create a sustainable financial model by performing a benchmark assessment of existing inter disciplinary team models throughout the country, including organizational structure, effectiveness and profitability.
Tucson Medical Center Conduct various analyses of patient, providers, payors and service entities to create a marketing initiative and structural design in implementation of data driven incentives for an Accountable Care Organization.
Tucson Medical Center Support the TMC executive team by analyzing internal, state and national healthcare data, identifying insights from the data, conducting industry research and tracking current developments in the healthcare policy.
College of Medicine
The University of Arizona
Conduct research that will determine the best practices which can help improve the outcomes of the philanthropic fundraising efforts in Phoenix and Tucson.



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